What is close to my heart...

... should also be named once. For all these things of the heart something is done every day - even if it is only something small. In this way, piece by piece, the world that I imagine and towards which I am working comes into being.

♥ nieces, nephews and grandchildren ♥

  • CO2-neutral parcel shipping
  • cushioning chips made from corn starch
  • bubble bags made of grass paper
  • recycled paper in the office
  • the manufactory only works with green electricity
  • we maintain, repair and upcycling
  • the car has been abolished for years

♥ partnership-based management ♥

  • reliable supply relationships with people and companies that act ethically, environmentally friendly and fair
  • accommodating business relationships
  • family-friendly working hours, flexible processes, good pay, permanent employment contracts
  • house bank: GLS-Bank
  • we drink (lots of) fair trade coffee
  • based on the model of the economy for the common good

♥ networking and engagement for the community ♥

I regularly support:

  • Women's and Girls' Health Center MEDEA e.V.
  • Pinkstinks Germany e. V.
  • TERRE DES FEMMES human rights for women e. V.
  • PorYes
  • gynecologists, midwives, physiotherapists
  • freelance artists, authors, filmmakers
  • modern sexual education projects
  • feminist projects and concerns
  • environmental projects

♥ YOUR wellbeing ♥

  • The toys are handcrafted from A to Z in-house.
  • They consist only of harmless silicone and non-toxic pigments and do not contain any other additives. This silicone is robust, durable and easy to dispose of.
  • All products and production processes are regularly monitored by the authorities (material check, hygiene, GLP, storage, occupational safety). Since 2006, always without any complaints.
  • Shipping is absolutely discreet. We are true masters in this.


♥ By purchasing from independent craftsmen and artists you not only support a small business, but real people with their needs, wishes and goals. ♥

♥ Thank you for supporting and appreciating our work. ♥

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