Welcome to our affiliate program

What does it mean?

In short: On your home page you put a pretty, presentable banner (which we provide), which will contain a link to the SelfDelve shop and on every sale referring to you, you’ll get a nice commission. How does that sound to you?

You might also know the term "Affiliate Program" – exactly that's it.

Of course it's all about money – we all need it – but I also focus on the mutual crosslinking and support. I gladly will tell about you and your work as an author, consultant, sex worker, connoisseur of the art of living, creative folks, gallery owner, midwife (...), will post and link you. And I imagine that also you tell your readers about SelfDelve, the toys, and me. Then, the banners usually get more attention.


What does this cost?

It costs you only a few pixels of space on your website, your blog or in your newsletter. You decide which banner dimensions will be most appropriate. Other than that, you need nothing: no stock, you have no shipping costs, there is no minimum sale and the billing is automated and transparent.


How does it work exactly?

If you want to attend, please register at [HERE]. I check your data and decide for or against it – definitely I write you my decision.

As an activated partner you receive your login access to the download area of the designed banners and to the statistical and billing tool.

The banner of your choice you publish on your website. It contains an affiliate link with a special code that uniquely belongs only to you. Does a visitor buy at SelfDelve using your link with the partner identifier, the commission will be accredited to you. After the expiration of right of withdrawal, we pay the amount by bank transfer to your account or by Paypal. However, in case the costumer uses its right of withdrawal, the commission is charged back again. I am sure, you understand that. 

Technically, it works like this: Your reader clicks on the banner, gets to the SelfDelve online shop and on her/his computer a cookie file is stored with your user ID. Even if the visitor the page leaves for now and comes back after a few days, he/she will be recognized by the cookie and the purchase can be assigned to you. It's quite automatically and you will get the commission even if the purchase is done later on.


Who can participate?

Well, you must be of legal age ;), run your own website/blog and bear some reference to our topic. This can and should be of widespread and colourful ranging.

If you don’t find yourself in the following list, please write me anyhow. This might be even a pretty new correlation we could arrange!

At the moment I think of websites, blogs and portals that:

  • present sex toys and/or lifestyle products
  • have sensuality and joy of living as content
  • publish women pleasant topics
  • publish men pleasant topics
  • publishers, magazines, audio book providers, authors, filmmakers, creative folks with erotic subject
  • professionals for couple therapy, coaching, sex education, gynaecology, massage
  • wellness and health pages
  • romantic hotels, swinger clubs, event calendar websites
  • gardeners, hairdressers, nail designers, beauticians, stylists, ... on their corporate websites


On a good, fruitful and cheerful together! I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards, Anja Koschemann

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