Special requests

As all our toys are made individually, we can fulfill special wishes too.

Start by selecting the toy shape, then let your imagination run riot.
Your favourite color, hand-drawn symbols or nicknames, brilliant colour effects - nearly everything is possible!
Of course, we can also produce gagging balls in the colour of your choice.

Are you interested?

Then start your enquiry about your new toy right here. We will contact you via email with comments and suggestions about the realisation of your wishes. Please also check your spam folder - noticeably often my answers are delivered there.

Looking forwarding to hearing from you!

Information about your desired toy

No      Yes
No      Yes
No      Yes
Glitter dust, silver-coloured
Glitter dust, golden
Glitter dust, green
Glitter dust, red
Glitter dust, pink
Glitter dust, turquoise
Glitter dust, purple
Small hearts, red
Small stars, silver-coloured
Small stars, turquoise
soft    medium    hard

Information so we can reply to you

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*Depending on your chosen base colour we will suggest possible temperature-sensitive colour combinations

Enchanting creations

Get inspired by that custom-made Toys. We show you some variocloured, crazy and romantic designed trinkets.

* 15 jubilee toys * 15 years SelfDelve *

1. garden of eden

2. cactus

3. sweets

4. sculptures

5. ball gags


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